Information of role guidelines


  • To send new maids for medical checkups under FOMEMA.
  • To allow the maid to assist in housework only.
  • To provide a room, food and adequate rest time.
  • To ensure maids do not marry locals.
  • To pay salary by first week of each month and to keep record of payments.
  • To report to the immigration department if the maid is going missing or passes away.
  • To bear the cost of sending maid back to her country once the employment contract ends.


  • To carry out job description as stated in the employment contract.
  • Not to run any business.
  • To follow instructions from the employer as stated in the contract.
  • To take care of children or parents in the care of the employer.
  • Not to get pregnant or give birth in Malaysia.

Maids Agencies

  • Upon request to bring in a maid, it must get approval from government departments.
  • To prepare a profile of the maid and ensure she fulfills an employer’s need.
  • To replace a maid within three months if she fails the medical checkup.

Immigration Department

  • To confirm if the maid’s working pass is original and to approve temporary working permit.
  • To issue a memo as and when the maid returns to her country of origin.
  • To investigate reports of lost passport or runaway maid.

Labour Department

  • To enforce the terms and conditions in the foreign maid contract.
  • To monitor maid agencies.


  • To look into physical and sexual abuse reports and for missing maids.